Download and install

To start with the Mercury first download the latest binary package from here .

Next step is to create a folder and unzip downloaded package in it.


Now you can run it with:

sh bin/start.sh


Next step is to explore "bean-console":

In bean console go to "DeploymentManager", then "deployedModules" and follow "mercury-mail-suite" and at the end "mercury.StorageManager". After that you will be on the url:
http://localhost:8080/bean-console/[DeploymentManager]/deployedModules/[mercury-mail-suite]/[mercury.StorageManager] .
(You can get there as well just by clicking the link above)

In "StorageManager" you can:

  • set your main domain name ("mainDomain" property);
  • add more domains this smtp server will accept e-mails for ("addDomain()" method);
  • add mailbox ("addMailbox()" method
  • or add alias to existing mailbox ("addAlias()" method

Note: don't forget to call "save" method after properties changes. Adding mailbox/alias does it automatically


Now you can set up your mail client to send e-mail to smpt server "localhost" at port 8025. Don't forget that only e-mails to defined mailboxes will be delivered. Others will be quietly discarded. See documentation for more details.

Also, you can set up same mail client to use "localhost" for IMAP server at port number 8143. Remember to use just mailbox name a account's username along with specified password.

Places of Interest

Places of interest are: